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Best Student Film - 2014

"Michaela stands out as an artist, educator and feminist. At a young age, she has distinguished herself as a director-- both on the stage and film. Her wit as a screenwriter draws you in immediately as a viewer: I was deeply impressed by her film "Five Days Straight" and how she created great comedy against the backdrop of an Israeli Birthright trip. Michaela is so clear about what she wants to achieve artistically and she has significant technical and aesthetic training and experience to transform an idea into a product. She creates value in any situation she is put in-she is a great team player and a natural leader and facilitator.  I have worked with Michaela at the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival for the last three years and her intelligence, talent, and skills (as a director, choreographer, and actor) continue to impress me. I can only anticipate with sheer delight how far she will rise as an artist, and as an educator, who has always shared her talents with young learners."


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"I am familiar with Michaela's work in both film and theatre. She has shown the highest level of enthusiasm, creativity and competency in all her roles which range from director/writer to performer and educator.


She consistently meets deadlines early and is highly organized. Her excellent team participation and leadership is made possible by her strong communication skills and relational intelligence. Her film school education and years of working in theatre are both impressive and her experience of over a decade in both fields make her a very valuable asset to any team."


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